Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog the Change

   There are many causes in the pet rescue community that can often seem so unattainable. It can become so overwhelming when you think about the many animals that are in desperate need of our help.

Yet to think that one simple decision can help take a step towered ending the pain and suffering of an animal seems unimaginable.

This decision requires no donations no volunteer time no real effort.

Say no to purchasing a pet from a pet store.

   What could seem simpler. But day after day people walk into pet stores and purchase a dog or a cat or another animal despite the explosive overpopulation of animals in shelters across the nation.
Now the latest trend is designer dogs, pure breeds and new exclusive breed mixes.
What makes a dog sitting in a window a designer pet but that same dog months later in a shelter cage is disposable, unwanted and not worth saving?

Every time someone purchases an animal from a pet store they are directly contributing to the dark and cruel puppy mill industry.
The term puppy mill is no longer obscure. People have been exposed through different ways to the reality that dogs from pet stores 90% of the time come from puppy mills.

Puppy mills are thriving and animal shelters are struggling to stay open.
As long as there is a demand for these store bought puppies there will be a puppy mill operating successfully at the expense of the life and well being of an animal.
Puppies from puppy mills are born to mothers that are bred beyond their physical limit. They are forced to produce litters over and over until their bodies can no longer handle it. Their puppies are ripped from them to be sold and they rarely receive any comfort.
They live in wire bottom cages that produce many health conditions and discomfort and are often full of disease and parasites. If they incur any injuries they almost never see any medical help.

That cute puppy in the window came from a place that has feces piling high and a constant stench of disease and waste. The dogs go literally crazy from the constant imprisonment and isolation. And your purchase is what funds that place.

Even if your pet store claims the dogs come from a reputable breeder why are we bringing more animals into a world where everyday thousands of dogs are euthanized because they have no home and there is no more room for them in the shelter.

There are so many wonderful dogs and pets waiting to be adopted right now. They are not disposable or worthless that are not second hand or unwanted. If you make the decision that you want to open your home to a pet please adopt never ever buy from a pet store.

Your decision can take us one step closer to putting puppy mills out of business.

Thats how you and I can be the change for animals.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring is beginning to take shape and the Easter festivities are around the corner. Everywhere you turn there are images of cute baby chicks cuddly bunny rabbits and baby ducklings.

And year after year people get caught up in the excitement of the season and in the window of every pet store will be little baby bunnies. Certain places will even have people lining up to buy baby chicks.

What is there not to love, bunnies are so soft and look so calm in their cages and chicks are so fuzzy and small. People forget these animals will grow and are a big responsibility.

Year after year when the excitement has passed hundreds of rabbits and chicks find themselves abandoned or set free. The problem is that these smaller pets are being bought as an impulse response to the holiday and the decision is not given enough thought.

Rabbits can live longer than 10 years. And they need time outside the cage for daily exercise. They can be great pets but require the same amount of attention if not more than a dog or cat. And unless you live in an area with open outside space a grown chick is not the pet for you.

If you have given it plenty of thought and are prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for these animals than adopt one.

So this year bring into your home chocolate bunnies and peep chicks and say no to real store bought rabbits.

Happy holidays.

Here are a few links to help end the cycle of abandoned animals and information on where to adopt rabbits

Check out local shelters to adopt

Saturday, April 9, 2011

As the weather gets nicer the world of trouble your pet can get into expands.

As always when leaving your pet home alone for longer periods of time keep in mind what the temperature can rise or fall too.
Now with summer approaching you want to always keep in mind that your pet can't open the refrigerator while your gone (actually some can but they can't pour a drink) so leave plenty of fresh water. If necessary leave the window slightly open from the top to keep air circulating.

Dogs can't sweat so it's easy for them over heat in warm weather even if it's not extreme. This is why they pant, the heavy breathing cools the blood in their tongues allowing for cool blood to circulate their bodies. Alleviate the heat by keeping them well groomed if the coat is long cut it short during the summer. Brush their fur frequently to help get rid of excess fur and to help them shed their winter coats .
Remember to execute common sense. Never Leave a dog or any pet in a car if your not going to be in the vehicle. Not even for a second. The temperature in a car can spike to dangerous levels very quickly and your pet can have a heat stroke and this could result in death.

The spring time and summer can bring many wonderful adventures for you and your pet. Many opportunities to enjoy time together. Just make sure that you take the appropriate steps so that this time together is not spent in the animal clinic emergency room.

Happy spring!