Sunday, September 26, 2010

Our day at the Strut Your mutt walk 2010

      The long awaited day is finally here.  The New York 2010 Best Friends Animal society Strut your Mutt walk took place today at Pier 84.  

      The walk was on a scenic rout by the Hudson River and right next to registration was the majestic Intrepid.   There were so many different organizations present.  So many beautiful dogs enjoying what dogs love most, walking!   All the volunteers cheered on as the walkers made their way around the 1.8 mile walk. 

    I must say most of the dogs if not all fell right into that instinct of walking with a pack and where very well behaved. Our very own Tulip was so friendly and social in a way I have not seen him be in a long time.  You could not help but get involved and get excited about the entire event.  The weather was perfect and the atmosphere was simply so pleasant.

     Our dog pack raised $430.00 which surpassed our goal of $300.00 , and it felt so good to take part of this event. We were ready to strut with our Bright yellow shirts representing Just Pawfect.  There were different organizations there such as Bully Breed Rescue, Kiss my Mutt, Long Island Bulldog Rescue, and  Rescue Chocolate.  The top fund raising organization was Friends of Animals with over $14,000 raised .  The crowd exploded in cheer when the group was announced as the top team.  The top individual raiser was no coincidence also with Friends of Animals and raised over $4,000.  It was great to see all the groups socializing, all the pups taking part of the fun events being held such as the belly rub and the kissing booth.  Rescue Ink was a big hit and were there representing their Rescue Ink Foundation. 

     Speaking about excellent fund raising lets talk about the newest sensation "Rescue Chocolate".  It is a company which is a true inspiration.  Sarah Gross who is only 25 years old has created a company combining her two passions, chocolate and animal rescues.  Her products are a 100% vegan and are absolutely delicious I tried her "Foster-ific mint" dark chocolate and it was just terrific, and it was my first time trying Vegan products I might just make the switch if its all as good tasting as Rescue Chocolates sweets.  Yet what is truly inspiring is that Rescue Chocolate donates 100% of its net profit to different rescue organizations, every month its a different group, it doesn't get sweeter than that.

     Its true that when you do one good deed you are filled with the desire to more good deeds.  We are bubbling with excitement to take part of more events like this. To bring awareness about all the shelter and homeless animals that are in dire need of a forever home.  Adoption is the option and I invite you all to go to your local shelter and open your heart to a furry friend.  I'm sure it wont be long before you find your perfect match. 

      Remember every year more that two million animals are sold through pet stores and these take the place of perfectly good animals awaiting a home in a shelter.  Say NO to puppy mills and cut their funding at the source never buy from a pet store.  Do not feel bad for that pup on the window feel bad for the pups in metal cages awaiting an unsure and dark fate.  Lets really work towards no more homeless pets. 

    So with that we look forward to taking part of Strut Your Mutt 2011 and continue supporting organizations like Animal Haven and Best Friends Animal Society.  Here are some helpful links to these groups and really these are just a few there are so many other groups that did an excellent job today.  Check back with us tomorrow for pictures of the event and the different groups.

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