Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paws for Japan help support animal rescue in Japan


I am sure that there is probably no need to inform you of the great disasters that the island of Japan is facing after being hit by a devastating earthquake and then by a tsunami. 

  The nation is still facing death and destruction a week after these events.  Thousands are missing, hundreds dead and many families are facing daily uncertainty.  There is no need to make clear the severity of the pain and devastation this nation is facing. 

  The destruction the earthquake and tsunami have brought do not only threaten the lives of humans, but also the lives of the animal lives on the island.  While many rescue teams are already busy handling human rescues there are few arms reaching out to the animals that are in pain and shock, terrified, many looking for their human families.

We must not forget that our humanity is measured by how we help the weakest in times of need and animals are living creatures that bleed when hurt, that feel fear when scared that deserve aid and at the very minimum a chance to find safety.  In such time of crisis we must make the effort to help these people in need but we must also remember that there is a need to help those animals in need as well.  

  There have been reports of animals found with small bags of money attached to them in hopes that who ever finds them will help them.  If the people of japan in the face of such horror still took time to look out for their pet companions shouldn't we honor them by continuing these efforts and lending a hand to animal rescue groups as well?   Please find it in your hearts to not only help the devastated people of Japan but to also donate to animal rescue groups like world vets.  As always after a huge disaster like this there are many charity groups that rise to the occasion as well as many more fraudulent groups so be smart and only donate to trusted groups and organizations. 

Lets show our humanity and extend our help to the hundreds if not thousands of animals that need our help.  Just think of the relief that the people of Japan will feel when they know that although they may never be reunited with their animal companions, these animals have someone out there looking to find and help them.  The comfort they will feel to know that if their pet survived someone is fighting hard to bring them so safety. 

So be the change you want to see in the world, every life matters, every ache and every fear deserves to be calmed and healed whether you walk around on four paws or two.  Donate today! Get involved and spread the word.

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