Thursday, April 14, 2011

Spring is beginning to take shape and the Easter festivities are around the corner. Everywhere you turn there are images of cute baby chicks cuddly bunny rabbits and baby ducklings.

And year after year people get caught up in the excitement of the season and in the window of every pet store will be little baby bunnies. Certain places will even have people lining up to buy baby chicks.

What is there not to love, bunnies are so soft and look so calm in their cages and chicks are so fuzzy and small. People forget these animals will grow and are a big responsibility.

Year after year when the excitement has passed hundreds of rabbits and chicks find themselves abandoned or set free. The problem is that these smaller pets are being bought as an impulse response to the holiday and the decision is not given enough thought.

Rabbits can live longer than 10 years. And they need time outside the cage for daily exercise. They can be great pets but require the same amount of attention if not more than a dog or cat. And unless you live in an area with open outside space a grown chick is not the pet for you.

If you have given it plenty of thought and are prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for these animals than adopt one.

So this year bring into your home chocolate bunnies and peep chicks and say no to real store bought rabbits.

Happy holidays.

Here are a few links to help end the cycle of abandoned animals and information on where to adopt rabbits

Check out local shelters to adopt

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