Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcoming the New Year

As classic as the New Year sunglasses, is the new year resolutions.
The list we like to make every January of all the things we plan on accomplishing during this new year.

We've all got them, lose more weight, get better job, finally clean out that closet. From an animal lover point of view the new year brings with it a whole new world of possibilities.

The great thing is that your pet can be the perfect aid in accomplishing some of your resolutions this year. It wont require any extra gear or expensive memberships.

If your resolution is to lose weight, than grab a leash and Fido and walk your way thin. Giving your pup a good wallk helps strengthen your bond and helps slim your waist line. Depending on your pets athleticism you should aim for a good half hour walk at least twice a day aside from your regular walks. Remember your pet will usually aim to please you and will go as far as you push them without complaining so be careful not to over exert them. There are many dogs who accompany their humans on long and exciting trails and mountain hikes, so who knows where your new adventures will lead you.

The extra exercise will lower your blood pressure and help you check the weight loss resolution of your list.

Have you decided that this is the year where you will simplify your life and achieve happiness? Well once again your lovable pet is here to save the year. Take a moment to pet your furry friend for a few uninterrupted minutes and watch as you feel more relaxed and balanced. Research has shown that petting a pet will lower your blood pressure. And that gratefull look froom your pet for the extra attention will surely grant you immediate happiness.

Perhaps this year you plan to meet that special someone, well walk away from the dating sites and take a stroll with your pooch. People with pets tend to be more social and outgoing. You always have a conversation topic when you consider all the cooky things your dog or cat does. There are a lot of social groups out there directed soley at animal lovers and pet parents, taking part in one of these groups could lead to meeting "the one", at the very least you will meet a lot of awesome people along the way.

The list goes on and on and for every resolution that you make you have the perfect partner to help in your pet.

Now if you find your self with out a pet this year have no fear. Your perfect partner can be easily found at the local animal shelter. Stop by and let one pick you today. If your not ready to make the commitment to a cat or dog you can also find small furry friends at your local shelters. The point is that everyday hundreds of animals are at shelters just waiting to be taken home and fullfill all their potential. So spread the word as adoption is the only option in 2012.

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