Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Communicating efficiently for the sake of animal rescue .

There's as difference between how we feel and how we should communicate.
We are passionate in our defense of animals and have a soft spot for pitbulls. Pitbulls find themselves in the crossfire of a heated debate which boils down to being between those who feel they can chose what's safe for everyone and those who wish to choose for themselves. When our beloved Pits are attacked we want to react with the full force of our passion and often end up fueling the growing dislike of "animal people" . One news station called pit bull advocates "watchdogs".

When someone attacks our way of life or something close to our hearts we must not just react we Must act. A reaction is an action controlled by an original act, thus giving the offensive comment or opinion originating power. But an action, stands on its own and comes with new force and fresh power. If we merely react we do so with emotions that are a response to a statement that offends and upsets us so our comments might be muddled by opinion and personal defense which can end up sounding childish and inappropriate .

If we take a moment and remember what we stand for we can produce a comment that is educated and well written so as to show we are not crazy cat people and dog people but rather individuals who have seen the horrors animals face in shelters. People who understand that the sensationalism of isolated events involving pitbulls and large dogs results in a twisting of facts and the death of thousands.

That's the point we need to aim to make not who's right and how stupid the other side is because it allows them to dismiss our opinion entirely. Present you point educate the opposing person AND Arm yourself with understanding towards those that don't understand you.

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