Wednesday, August 18, 2010

choosing the right pet

Now a days we can see all sorts of animals kept as pets. No longer is the occasional piglet such a rarity, the slithering snake has become a classic and the gold fish is an oldy but goldy . Yet perhaps more important than your desire for that animal companion is the important determination of whether or not that animal will make a perfect fit in its new home.
If you live alone the right pet boils down to space,time and willingness to put in the work it takes. If you live with others you must make clear who will have what responsibilities, does any one have allergies. If you're planning on getting a pet for your child sure it will teach them about life and responsibility but chances are you will get the bulk of the work and responsibility.
Now lets focus today on picking the right dog.
It is important to know that There truly are no "bad " dogs or "bad " breeds a dog does indeed have its own personality but a lot of their bad habits can be traced to something their owner is either doing wrong or not doing. This doesn't make them bad owners it just means that owning a dog is a lot of responsibility.
First I want to say right now that adoption truly is the best option.  I am fortunate enough to live near an individual who has dedicated his life to caring for dogs and will be having puppies within the next month.  before i received the news about the puppies I had begun my search for the perfect dog at several rescue centers.  I have made the committment that I will make a contribution to a local shelter to help ease the strain of caring for an animal that I could have helped. I am aware that taking in the new puppy takes away the opportunity from another dog to find a good home.  Yet I will not take away my support.  I have volunteered at an animal center before and nothing takes away the look in those animals eyes.  The look that says I just dont understand why I have been abandoned. 
With that being said again ADOPTION IS THE BEST OPTION.
Now once you determine where you will get said pet from you must decide if you want a puppy or an older dog.   Puppies are cute and cuddly but they are also full of energy and require constant time and attention.  That cute puppy who captures your heart with just one look of his honey filled eyes will also look at you with those huge eyes as he has your favorite most expensive shoes in his mouth , wagging his tail happily as he thinks "gee mom thanks for the great new chew toy".   An older dog will most likely already be house broken and in a stage in his or her life where they are more calm and ready to adapt to their new home.
This brings us to our next decision. Boy or girl.  This should be the easiest of all because it truly doesn't matter.  Both will love you equally both will protect you and both will dedicate their lives to loving you.
    There are several other considerations which we will discuss in depth later on but these are important basics as far as the dog comes.
The true importance is your readiness to adapt to your dogs needs.   Whether its a puppy or a senior, a girl or a boy you will need to commit to at the very minimum half hour walks several times a day. Play time and training time.  All dogs are pack animals and they will look to you to be the pack leader.  You never want to be in the situation where the dog feels there is no leadership and for the sake of the pack fills in the position themselves.  Dogs can sense energy and will be able to detect a true leader if you believe in your self and carry yourself like the pack leader,  think like the pack leader be the pack leader.  
Set a routine and stick to it.  See this as motivation to wake up in the morning and fit in that half hour speed walk you've been kicking yourself about for months.  
Now this is not ALL there is to picking the right pet more will come soon. But the most important part to understand is that this is a life long committment, you will have this animal in your life for 11 to 16 years possibly more.  Where will you be in five years three year? Will you still live in the same apartmant might you have to move someday to a place that won't allow pets and see it as a possibility to give up your pet? Will your loved one love to clean up that mess left in the hallway or will your child cry at the very thought of picking up poop? Food for thought

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