Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The wait...

  "Guess who's pregnant?' asks my husband as giddy as a school girl, being the inquiring mind that I always am, I urged him to continue.  "Pumpkin" he yelled barely able to contain him self. Now allow me to paint a picture here my husband is 5'9 and 200 lbs the man is not one to squirm with excitement but there he was .  Pumpkin is our neighbors rotty and she was finally pregnant.  Fast forward a month we are as ever anxiously awaiting puppies, "we're expecting" again considering we have a one year old human son.  The last time I had a puppy was seven years ago. As the due date nears and the excitement grows so does the worry.  This will be a big dog a beautifully elegant mix between a gentle bull mastiff and a gorgeous rotty .  All the questions of early parent hood creep up, what is the best food what is new in the training world, what is new in leashes and leads, and most daunting of all what to name this gentle giant that will soon be entering our home.

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