Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Dog has gone crazy

    It is not surprising that dogs have made their way so close to our hearts. They share so much of our own qualities.  They draw out tenderness and love just like our own human babies.  They show bravery and proud spirits like our heroes. 

    They can also display our same fears and even mental illnesses.  We've all seen it, the growling Chihuahua barking madly at its own tail or the obsessive Labrador chasing its tail until it made its self sick.  

   As I get to know my new puppy I realize how fragile the dogs mind truly is.  Zoe has developed a sort of fear of her reflection.  She barks incessantly at her silver food bowl and and glass window displays.  She spends a lot of time alone while we are at work and although there is an older jack Russell home to keep her company its enough to drive a dog mad.  

   Dogs develop these obsessions and these strange quirks when they are not allowed to fulfill their roles in life.  If a dog is confined to a small space and not given the proper exercise and proper outlet for all that bundled energy they will find other outlets.

    So when your dog takes to chewing your couch to the wood, or your favorite shoes or bark at its own reflection they are trying to give you a message that something is missing in their lives.  What is missing is not difficult to figure out they don't want therapy sessions or hypnosis they want to be take out more to be put on a routine they can predict so they can take the edge off their day. 

   As a response to this dog vs. food bowl case going on in my living room I am revamping my commitment to this new puppy in our house hold and give her the proper outlet to her anxiety. 

Remember our dogs are devoted to pleasing their human companions we should take this devotion with the proper respect and allow them to live out healthy lives mentally and physically.  It doesn't take letters to Dr. Phil, it takes commitment and attention.

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