Thursday, February 3, 2011

One with the pack, the importance of the walk

    In New York City the average dog run consists of walking around the block once or twice a day.  It is also become no strange thing to see some pooches in purses, carriages or simply carried around like pampered babies.

   We may be dogs best friend but we keep forgetting that they are animals of instinct and habit.  They have it hardwired in their brains to want to walk, to be part of the pack and to devote their loyalty to you their proud leader. 

   Now that I have a new puppy in my house I myself am rediscovering the importance of the walk.  Took my pooch for a nice long forty-five minute walk around the neighborhood.  It felt so good to concentrate on walking, on leading and feeling my dog ease into a synchronized walk with me.  I literally felt the leash become an extension of my arm connecting my dog and I.  

   My puppy is now six months old and is usually an unstoppable bundle of energy.  Yet when we are on our walks she is so different she is calm and constantly watching me for instruction.  She walks proudly by my side as the walk progresses.  The walk also helps me relax and regain my confidence when a long day has worn me down. Its win win.

So remember to :
  • Take your dog on at least two half hour walks a day in addition to bathroom breaks
  • Clear your mind of previous walk experience just because your pooch was a mess last time does not mean she will be out of control now. 
  • Your mind sets the tone for the walk, positive thoughts equal positive walk
  • Relax and enjoy don't grip the leash until your knuckles turn white
    Be the leader and your pup will follow !

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